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This is a competition for stories, poems, and slams between different Francophone groups and schools in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

This event, which is rich in verb and sound, takes place every first quarter of the year. People of various origins and backgrounds are entitled to beautiful stories, rhymes and stagings, delivered by groups made up of adults, young people and children.

"Tales and Legends from Home" is intended to be a melting pot of all the diversity and beauty of Alberta's Francophonie, through beautiful adventures that make us travel without moving.



It's Edmonton's most famous inter-community dance competition.

Every August, this traditional choreography and parade for children and young people brings together several communities in and around Edmonton…in a festive atmosphere!

It gives members of different communities, whatever their origins, the opportunity to promote their cultural values through dance and traditional dress.



It is a ceremony that takes place at the end of each year, precisely in mid-December. The Pont Cultural Bridge celebrates and rewards all the communities, extra-community groups, its partners and sponsors who have participated in its activities, as actors and/or material and financial support.

The highlight of these awards is indeed the designation of the French-speaking man and woman of the year. In other words, the man and the woman who have worked the most in the direction of INTEGRATION and INTER-COMMUNITY MIXING.



The AWOULABA: WOMEN & BUSINESS contest, which
is a competition that encourages and promotes female entrepreneurship and leadership. Our main objective with this event is to provide a platform for the many female entrepreneurs in the region to showcase their products and services to the public, and to ensure that they follow the path to success.


" At the beginning of each season (spring, summer,fall and winter), the Pont Cultural Bridge organizes, in collaboration with several other partners, soccer camps entirely in French. These camps are intended for French-speaking children and those wishing to improve their level of French language through group activities. Camps are held outdoors and indoors depending on the season."

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